Poetics of Fiction: The Physiognomy of the Abyss

As an architect as well as a conceptual artist working in the field of installation art, I explore the poetic relationship between digital production and the psychology of modern times, addressing the nature of containment and the characteristics of the subject. While operating through hybrid forms of representation, the boundaries enclosed by the specific language of each discipline are literally blurred, such as poetry, architecture and mathematics, to give rise to the full potentiality of the individual’s creative interpretation, both from the viewpoint of the maker and the interpreter. This installation deals with representational issues and speculative methods for conveying alternative meaning to contemporary digital art.
Artech 2010 "Envisioning Digital Spaces"
5th International Conference on Digital Arts

Published Paper (Download PDF

Lost Portrait, 2009 (Video)
Film: João Ó
Poem: Rui Cascais Parada
Voice: Rose Mary Roisindubh
Sound: Cédric Maridet
Support: arqui300 - imagem e filme 3D