Candida Höfer: Epic Gaze - book design by Ho Sze Leong

 Candida Höfer, considered one of the most important conceptual photographers of the latter half of the 20th century, is known for her signature eye-level orthogonal views of architectural interiors of public spaces that are devoid of human presence. These printed images, reaching up to 2.59 metres wide and 2 metres high, depict mostly Western built environments, cultural in nature, of different typologies and time periods. Much of her more recent work are representations of edifices designed by Pritzker laureate architects.

The exhibition Candida Höfer: Epic Gaze is a curatorial selection chosen from the body of work developed by Höfer over the last 20 years. It features a variety of pieces organised in six major themes: “Passages”, “Theatres”, “Museums”, “Libraries”, “Worldview”, “Unseen Works” and a video projection entitled “Silent Spaces”. These themes are enclosed in separate sections and placed in a bespoke exhibition layout as a way to promote a paced and sequential contemplation in the viewer.
 The title of the exhibition stems from Höfer’s global vision of capturing a particular built environment that embodies humanity’s aspirations to preserve, represent and communicate the legacy of historical assets which emanate profound beliefs and aesthetics. By re-envisioning these structures through the medium of photography, Höfer rekindles the question of how these crucial masterpieces will continue to shape and weigh in the collective memory for the generations to come.

João Ó & Rita Machado
Candida Höfer: Epic Gaze

Deland, Leong Wai Man

Susana, Un Sio San

Curatorial Note
João Ó & Rita Machado

Chief Editor
Un Sio San

Graphic Design
Ho Sze Leong

Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macau S.A.R.

Macao Museum of Art

Daybreak Consultancy Company Ltd

Tipografia Welfare Ltd

1st edition, December 2023

Print Run
350 copies

Size | 285mm (width) x 285mm (height)
Pages | 212
Cover Finish | Cloth Covering with 3mm Greyboard Case | Screen Print white colour on Wine Red Cloth
End Paper | 120gsm Keaycolour - Sombre Grey
Text section | 100gsm Fine Paper - Natural (56 pages)
Photo section | 128gsm New Gentle - Soft White (156 pages)
Colour | 4C + 4C
Language | Chinese, Portuguese and English
ISBN 978-99937-0-535-2

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